TaxACT Software 2018: Price Comparison, Coupon Code, Discount and Deals

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TaxACT Software 2018: Price Comparison, Coupon Code, Discount and Deals


TaxACT software for online tax filing for 2017-2018. They did change up their pricing structure though a little bit. You can find out here taxact price comparison, features, coupons, promo code and deals. They do have their free tax return filing for federal and state tax, which is you know they are 1040EZ and 1040A. It’s a great deal. If you want to pull in your prior data though then they start cost you $15.

You can see that the Taxact Plus Plan is most popular. because if you have to start itemize and some people do that think they are file for free but if you have like an error for Income tax credit. You are start jumping up here to plus and then you start adding in-state file. You are getting up there near into the $53 all the sudden to do your taxes.

This year they have a freelancer level which is for independent contractors and self-employed filers. It used to be called their self-employed version for $36.

Also, they added a premium version which includes audit protection. So you know it’s something that some people really like to have. I think most people are start with Taxact Plus Plan.

You can also checkout their best tax tools and calculators for find out 2017 or 2018 IRS tax bracket you’re in. The best business tax professional software for mac 2018 is S Corporation 1120S edition tax filing software. Makes your online electronics filing with easy assistance at!


Taxact Software

Taxact Software Price Comparison

TaxACT Software Coupon Code

1) Discount 20% off on Premium Fed + State Online Filing Tax Return. Comprehensive Package for Filers Seeking Ultimate Peace of Mind – 20AFFTY17
2) 15% Off TaxAct Plus & Premium Plan
3) Refer A Friend to TaxAct and Earn $20


Q&A Section:

Question 1: Is TaxACT free for federal and state?
Answer 2: Yes

Question 2: How much does it cost to use tax act?
Answer 2: $23.96


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