Nintendo Labo Kit: Visit Amazon to Pre Order

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Nintendo Labo Kit: Visit Amazon to Pre Order


Nintendo Labo Kit is DIY Cardboard Kits Games. Nintendo Labo Kit is a crazy construction and gaming set arriving this April 20, 2018. The Nintendo Labo Kit switch into a modular toy that transforms into a wild combination of paper craft.

Nintendo Labo does several things all in one package. You can play with programmable RC cars, magic pianos, motorbike, fishing poles and even a giant robot suit.

RC Cars – An RC car kit works with up to two mini cars simultaneously turning on controllers in two buzzing moving robot bugs. These games is a blast to play for the short time.

Magic Pianos – A cardboard piano include 13 key add Nintendo switch console and Joy con. It’s really works and changes musical styles depending on what cardboard plugs you popped into it.

Motorbike – The switch can turn into a motorbike with a cardboard kit that acts like handlebars and accelerates. When you twist the rumbles the switch on the Nintendo switch screen into a window while cardboard plug in faucets and buttons make things happen inside.

Fishing Poles – It’s got a fishing pole that feels like you’re casting a line into the switch screen and rumbles when you’re reeling any cash.

Robot Suit – Standalone Kit that turns your body into a cardboard backpack arm and leg controls do a flip-down visor control. A giant robots movements throwing punches and stomping around a second.

For more information about Nintendo Labo Pre Order, Visit Amazon. You can get $50 off instantly, Pay $29.99 upon approval for the Amazon Rewards Visa Card.

1) Nintendo Labo Variety Kit Price $69.99

Nintendo Labo Variety Kit

2) Nintendo Labo Robot Kit Price $79.99

Nintendo Labo Robot Kit


Question 1: What is Nintendo Labo?
Answer 1: DIY Cardboard Kits Games

Question 2: Nintendo Labo Release Date?
Answer 2: April 20, 2018

Question 3: How many kits include in Nintendo Labo?
Answer 3: Two Kits – Variety Kit and Robot Kit.

Question 4: How Much Price for Variety Kit?
Answer 4: $69.99

Question 5: How Much Price for Robot Kit?
Answer 5: $79.99

Question 6: How Many Games Include in Variety Kit?
Answer 6: Toy Con RC Cars, Fishing Rod, House, Piano and Motorbike

Question 7: How Many Games Include in Robot Kit?
Answer 7: Toy Con Robot

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